Pre Qualification form

The CRAFT-Métiers d'Art sector is the privileged place for all the know-how, the unique piece and the small series.
In order to make your registration easier, please make sure you have gathered in advance the following with you :
  • 2-3 pictures of your workshop (The room where you produce and your machines-park or tools) (15 max, 3 mo per photo max)
  • 10-15 pictures of your products (15 max, 3 mo per photo max)
  • A technical presentation of your production with your specific technics you used ( in 10 lines max )
  • A booth presentation display ( or visual of a stand already made for other show, 3 mo per photo max)
  • A trade price list ( professional prices)
  • Your professional Statement for the current year (an official proof of registration of your company)